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Energy Network in Altstetten

The Electricity Service ewz implements an energy network in Altstetten and Höngg

In Zurich-Altstetten and parts of Höngg, a sustainable energy network is being created, which uses the treated wastewater from the Werdhölzli sewage treatment plant and the waste heat from the sewage sludge recycling plant as a source of energy for heating and cooling properties. In the final stage of construction, around 30,000 households will be supplied with heat that is at least 75% CO2-neutral. The ZSC Lions' new venue, the Swiss Life Arena, will also become part of this energy network. The project makes an important contribution to achieving the 2000-Watt targets and fulfils the requirements of the city's energy planning. The ewz is planning, building and operating this progressive project and anticipates implementation costs of 128.7 million Swiss francs.

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