Zürich Strategies 2025

Strategies for Zurich

Picture of Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zürich

The City of Zurich has developed successfully in recent years. This progress has been aided by an economic situation that has proved to be relatively healthy, despite the global crisis and also by the implementation of the major strategies and programmes of the City – such as those regarding housing, mobility, public transport, culture and the improvement of public space.

It is not self-evident that this successful development of the city will be continued in the future. In order to pave the way into a still uncertain future, the City Council published Zurich Strategies 2025 in 2007. The strategies cover a longer period than the four-year goals of the City Council and form the basis of the Spatial Development Strategy RES paper.

Areas of action

What will we live on today and tomorrow?

The City of Zurich needs financial resources to be able to make a commitment towards quality of life and social cohesion.
Competitive companies and economic prosperity create the corresponding preconditions, because companies generate the basis for necessary investment through their taxes and the jobs they create.
The City therefore promotes promising sectors and ensures the timely urban planning. It does this in the knowledge that solid basic economic structures and well-developed education, social and health facilities play an important role in the international competition between cities.

How do we maintain our quality of life?

Zurich's well-known high quality of life, with its climate of social peace, a high level of security in public space, a functioning infrastructure, a well developed public transport system and a high environmental quality, is not a matter of course. In order for the quality of life to remain high, action is essential in the entire range of municipal tasks, together with a cosmopolitan and committed attitude among the local population.
The following areas of action will be used to show how Zurich's attractiveness and diversity should also be guaranteed in the future.

How do wie organise ourselves?

The City of Zurich must fulfil its mission in a complex environment with numerous public and private actors and a wide range of demands. The City regards its strong position in the economic area as an obligation to careful and partnerlike approaches. Where there is tension regarding the protection of interests, cooperation and use of means the City Council relies on a responsible and partnerlike approach with the various actors, both inside and outside of the City.

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