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European City Coalition against Racism

The European city coalition against racism is part of a worldwide initiative launched by UNESCO in 2004 whose aim is to create an international network of cities which fight racism, discrimination and hostility towards foreigners. Member cities are committed to implementing a 10-point action plan, whereby the individual cities are free to choose which concrete measures they wish to undertake from the various points in the action plan. The network currently has 85 member cities.The City of Zürich's membership goes back to a proposal by the advisory board for foreigners.

The city council is thus strengthening its position and its political desire to continue to make an active contribution to the fight against racism, discrimination and hostility towards foreigners. At the same time, it understands that membership of the city coalition as a further acceptance of the cultural and economic advantages of a diverse urban population. The City of Zürich is currently already carrying out a wide variety of activities based on the action plan and has taken the opportunity to be more systematic than it previously was in terms of highlighting, observing and planning in a more targeted way now that it has joined the coalition. To accompany and coordinate the implementation of this 10-point action plan, an additional working group made up of members of various departments within the administration was set up.

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