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Triemli municipal hospital is a public hospital offering its services to all insurance classes with six departements, 29 clinics and 12 interdisciplinary centres for both general and highly specialised medicine. We are small enough to be efficient and manageable, yet large enough to provide demanding high-level medical treatment in an interdisciplinary medical setting.

Triemli is a part of the Department of Environment and Health of the town of Zürich. Being a central hospital, we have contracts with neighbouring hospitals in the cantons of Glarus, Grisons, Schwyz, Uri, Zug, Schaffhausen and Zurich. These hospitals forward patients to us. 

We have an enviable reputation for both stationary and outpatient medicine that extends far beyond the city limits. The 50'000 emergency patients, 22'000 stationary and 130'000 outpatients treated in 2015 bear impressive testimony to this.  

Pioneer in technology and sustainability 

As the first hospital in Switzerland with Mingerie-P certification, Triemli fulfils all aspects of health and well-being structures as well - for instance through the choice of long-lasting, natural materials and clay ceilings in the wards. The latter regulate the humidity naturally and absorb noise and odours. The odour of disinfectants has been banished as well. Cooling and heating are 95 per cent CO2-neutral, an important contribution to achieving the goals of a 2'000-watt society.  


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Stadtspital Triemli

Birmensdorferstrasse 497
8063 Zürich

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