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The City of Zurich combines the digital with the analog city through augmented reality applications

Zurich is growing. The city administration is helping to ensure that the city's living space and infrastructure capacity grow as well. In order to plan and make these developments visible, the department of urban planning (Amt für Städtebau) is increasingly making use of new digital technologies. With augmented reality glasses such as the "HoloLens", future buildings, underground utilities and much more can be visualized on site as semi-transparent 3D holograms. For this purpose, the department of urban planning has developed the innovative visualization tool "HoloPlanning". The tool is used for urban planning studies, architectural competitions, civil engineering or archaeology projects and facilitates the digitization of urban planning, construction and maintenance processes. On certain public guided tours through the city's development areas, visitors can get a clear picture of the planned buildings through the use of 3D glasses - long before the actual construction has started.

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