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The challenge

The digitisation challenges the City of Zurich and also offers new opportunities. By 2050, two thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities. Resource consumption in cities is to decline despite growth, the quality of life for the population is to increase and the conditions for businesses are to be further improved. New technologies and the digital transformation offer great potential to meet these challenges.

The definition

For the City of Zurich, «Smart» means connecting people, organisations or infrastructures in such a way as to create social, ecological or economic added value.

Smart networks that connect data, sensors and applications facilitate new, more efficient solutions for users as well as for operating infrastructures. Stronger networks encourage contact between the population and the administration and foster opportunities for participation. 

The City of Zurich is already doing a lot for digitisation. Numerous projects in different areas have already been implemented or are in the planning stage. Smart City Zurich provides a common framework for these ongoing activities and planned initiatives.

The goals

Equal opportunities and high quality of life for all

Smart City Zurich actively involves the entire population. This includes everyone who lives or works in Zurich as well as visitors to the city.

Conservation of resources and sustainable development

The City of Zurich is making use of the digital transformation to improve the quality of the environment and to bring about the 2000-WattSociety.

Innovation and attractive business location

The City of Zurich is committed to providing a modern, reliable digital infrastructure along with attractive conditions for innovative entrepreneurship. 

Smart City Zurich should enable the city administration to develop and adopt innovative ideas in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation. Collaboration with business and industry and cooperations will be continued and strengthened.

The guidelines

Smart City Zurich focuses on the needs of the target groups and the challenges facing the city.

Smart City Zurich promotes networking and cooperation of people, organisations, infrastructures.

Smart City Zurich fosters availability, self-determination and privacy with respect to data.

Smart City Zurich gives the city greater agility in the face of accelerated technological change and focuses on innovation. 


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