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Learning German in these unusual times

Virtual German courses in the time of Covid-19

You prefer to learn German in a course? Face-to-face courses are currently only held in smaller groups, many course providers have digitalised their courses though: digital learning platforms, online group lessons, online coaching, «blended learning» etc. Please contact the various course providers directly for more information.  

Digital learning

There are many free opportunities for digital learning: Apps, YouTube, virtual reality games, etc. On the Facebook page Deutsch lernen zu Hause (“learn German at home”), you will find many tips for different levels.

German at home

The best way to learn a language is through daily contact. Bring German into your home:

  • For example, label important objects (furniture, food, appliances...) in your home in German. Then you can easily learn words while brushing your teeth or cooking.
  • Listen to German-language radio while doing housework. 
  • Write your shopping lists in German.
  • Watch films, the news or series in German. Use subtitles in your language to better understand the content, or use German subtitles.
  • Start reading short texts in German as early as possible. Comics, for example, to begin with. The pictures will help you understand the text.

Language tandems despite social distancing

Speak German via video chat, perhaps with someone from your language course! Or find a tandem partner, here, for example.

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