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Address changes

Address change

Please report your change of residence in person within 14 days after moving to the district office of the new residential district.

Alternatively you can report your change of residence via the internet. Please note, that this service is only available for address changes within the city of Zurich and in german**.
If you would like to use this service click here

For Swiss citizens we need:

  • Certificate of registration or the week permit
  • Military or civil defence ID book
  • Apartment or rental ID

For foreign national, we need:

  • Residence permit
  • Passport (for EU/EFTA citizen we also accept identity cards.
  • Certificate of registration
  • Apartment or rental ID

For further information about the services of the Residents' Registration Office please contact your local district office.

* You can use the online service for address changes if:

  • You are an adult and not patronized
  • You report your change of address within 14 days before and or after your relocation.
  • You have a valid Credit Card

** The Service is only available in german if you need support please contact your local district office.

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