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Moving to Zurich

Moving to Zurich from abroad / online service desk

Have you just moved to the city of Zurich from abroad and are you a foreign national? In the film, we explain the procedure for your registration in the city of Zurich and how you can use our online service desk from the comfort of your own home.

If you have recently moved to Zurich, please register in person at the district office of your residential district within 14 days.

Some municipalities already participate in «eUmzugCH» (electronic platform for change of residence). On «eUmzugCH», you can find out whether or not it is possible to register your move to Zurich online.

Please advise your previous residential municipality of your leaving before contacting your local district office. For Swiss nationals we require:

  • Passport or identity card
  • «Heimatschein» (certificate of origin; usually deposited at the previous municipality of residence)
  • Family certificate (as may be the case)
  • «Wohnungsausweis» (apartment registration) or tenancy agreement
  • CHF 40.- per adult
  • Health insurance card (for all family members)

For foreign nationals we require:

  • Passport (for EU/EFTA nationals, identity card is sufficient)
  • Residence permit (if available)
  • Assurance of a resident permit (if available)
  • Visa authorization from Swiss embassy or consulate to issue visa (if available)
  • «Wohnungsausweis» (apartment registration) or tenancy agreement
  • CHF 40.- per adult
  • Migration office fees (depending on the type of residence permit they may vary)
  • Health insurance card (for all family members)
  • Civil status documents (marriage certificate and birth certificates for children)

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