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The City of Zurich and the city network Eurocities

In 2007, the City of Zurich joined Eurocities, an association of European cities founded in 1986. Eurocities sees itself as a European city network that is committed to the shared vision of a sustainable future in which all citizens can enjoy a high standard of living. More than 130 cities with more than 120 million inhabitants from 35 European countries are members of Eurocities.

For Zurich, the ability to network with European cities is both a necessity and a challenge. It enables the City of Zurich to assess its services and offers, to compare them with its European partners, as well as analyse common problem areas and actively exchange best practice with its partner cities in the form of knowledge and experience.

Membership of and cooperation in the economic development, environment, mobility and social affairs forums provide the City of Zurich with valuable suggestions for developing its urban policy. To its credit, it is worth pointing out that Eurocities is broad-based rather than one-dimensional in its approach to a range of issues and thereby seeks to provide a holistic view.

It is important for the City of Zurich to be able to communicate the message that it is a cosmopolitan city to its European partners. Zurich can rightfully claim to be a sustainable and socially committed European economic metropolis. The Office for Foreign Affairs, a subdivision of Zurich’s Office for Urban Development, ​​is responsible for the coordination between “Eurocities” and the various municipal service departments.

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