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Zurich network

Zurich is linked to other cities in the widest variety of ways. The city is actively involved in international working groups, forums and meetings. In addition to a large number of technical networks, the City of Zurich also recognises its international responsibility through its political networks.

Political alliances and a good network of national and international relationships are now valuable resources that cannot be abandoned, but must be carefully maintained.

The individual departments and divisions of the Zurich City administration maintain a multitude of technical networks. There are over 50 of these international networks. Typically, these memberships have been formed on an individual basis. Usually, the City of Zurich is only indirectly involved. The primary goal of these networks is the exchange of specific technical information among experts.

These memberships allow the City of Zurich easier access to the flow of information and current developments, especially at European level. Another important aspect is the benchmarking of European standards. The City of Zurich can thus indirectly influence EU policy and participate across borders in the development of technological standards.

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