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Tripartite Agglomeration Conference (TAK)

Due to their importance as an economic and living area, thriving agglomerations are a key factor in Switzerland’s future. At the same time, the agglomerations are faced with challenges and complex problems, which they are often no longer able to solve on their own. Quality of life and competitiveness can only be secured in the long term if the agglomerations are strengthened. To achieve this, all levels of government must adopt a coordinated approach.

Against this background, the Tripartite Agglomeration Conference (TAK) was founded in 2001 by the Federal Council, the Conference of the Cantonal Governments (CdC), the Association of Swiss Municipalities (SGV) and the Swiss Union of Cities (SSV). The aim of the TAK is to see that the Confederation, the cantons, the cities and the municipalities work more closely together and develop a common agglomeration policy. In addition to the sharing of information, the TAK contributes to strengthening cooperation in the agglomerations and tackles real issues arising from the agglomerations. It makes recommendations to the Confederation, cantons, cities and municipalities. This approach to the partnership is the prerequisite for a successful Swiss agglomeration policy.

The TAK meets at least twice a year. It employs working groups to tackle the issues and brings in external experts. The board and the office are run by the CdC.

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