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Zurich Metropolitan Conference

The metropolitan area of ​​Zurich: one of the driving forces of Europe

The metropolitan area of ​​Zurich is an internationally significant urban space in the centre of Europe and is of crucial importance to the Swiss economy. Together with the Lucerne agglomeration (which does not belong to the metropolitan area according to its statistical definition), it encompasses around 1.9 million inhabitants and 900,000 jobs in 238 municipalities in 8 cantons (ZH, SH, LU, ZG, SZ, SG, TG, AG). Around 60% of the population and jobs are attributable to the core agglomeration of Zurich. The metropolitan area of ​​Zurich is one of the urban spaces classified as one of the “European driving forces”, which play a leading role in Europe in various ways (economic performance, decision making and control, innovation, international traffic, etc.).

From pilot project to the Zürich Metropolitan Area Association

The Zurich Metropolitan Conference was established as a subproject as part of the pilot project “Structures for better cooperation in the economic area of ​​Zurich”, which was supported by the Swiss Confederation. The purpose of these conferences is to intensify cooperation and improve the links between the cantons, cities and municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Zurich. The conference was attended by the Canton of Zurich, the City of Zurich, the City of Winterthur and the Association of Municipal Mayors of the Canton of Zurich.

On 3 July 2009, the Zurich Metropolitan Area Association was launched at the 5th Metropolitan Conference. In addition to the 8 participating cantons, the founding members include some 65 cities and municipalities from these cantons. The association is the sponsor of the Zurich Metropolitan Conference. The City of Zurich is represented in all important bodies of the Association. The Mayor of Zurich, Corine Mauch, is President of the Association. She has a seat on the Metropolitan Council as well as in the City/Municipal Chamber. The City of Zurich is also represented on the operational committee, which is responsible for planning Association activities.

Core area and its radiant of the Zurich Metropolitan area (including the agglomeration of Lucerne).


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