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Zurich: umbrella brand

In 2011, “Integrated Location and Destination Marketing” (ISDM) was implemented by the City of Zurich in cooperation with the Canton of Zurich and Zurich Tourism as an effective tool in the joint presentation of Zurich’s image abroad and the creation of a common brand. After four years of successful partnership between the institutions, the key elements of the partnership were revived in 2016 and cooperation extended by another five years. The objective of ISDM 2016–2020 is to strengthen the image of Zurich through jointly defined individual brands and to promote the Zurich brand as a location for research, education and business as well as a destination for tourism through four events in defined target markets. The “Zurich meets your City” event series includes an annual culture and knowledge festival held in a city of interest for the benefit of ISDM participants and other partners, such as Zurich-based universities or private companies. In 2014 the city chosen was New York, in 2016 it was London and in 2017 it will be Hong Kong. In addition, the three ISDM core participants use synergies where they are involved in individual marketing activities and use their infrastructure, skills and networks at home and abroad to support ISDM.

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