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Strategies 2035

“Strategies Zürich 2035”: strategy aims for the City of Zurich in 2035

The City of Zurich has developed successfully over the past few years and its population has been growing continuously since the turn of the century. The City has continued to flourish thanks to a favourable economic situation, which has also proved relatively stable during the global crisis. At the same time, the City has pursued various programmes for sustainable urban development in areas such as energy management to conserve resources, residential building policy and mobility.

The successful development of the City is expected to continue into the future, despite a difficult environment. On this basis, the City Council has developed new strategies, which have been in existence since March 2015. In the booklet “Strategien Zürich 2035”, the City Council tackles key challenges in eight fields of action and highlights possible solutions.

The booklet “Strategien Zürich 2035”, which enjoys cross-departmental support, constitutes a report in which the City Council presents its long-term perspectives and strategies for urban development. The strategies serve to better coordinate and more effectively respond to the requirements of the future.

The “Strategien Zürich 2035” booklet is available to download as a PDF document.

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