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Strategic focus on the City of Zurich as a place of work

The strategy focuses on Zurich’s future as a place of work where innovative technology and manufacturing companies will continue to be set up, settle and develop successfully. As part of the “City Centre Workshop”, the City Council has brought together five projects, some of which are already running. The aim is for the City of Zurich to adopt a clear approach to its economic policy and remain an attractive environment for commercial and industrial activities.

Economic policy foundations for the City of Zurich as a workplace

What are the foreseeable developments in industry and trade in the coming years? What type of industrial and commercial activities will be possible and meaningful in cities in the future? In cooperation with experts from the fields of economics and science, the economic policies framing the measures to position Zurich as a workplace of the future will be elaborated in the first new project of the City’s strategy focus.

Requirements for zoning and licensing procedures

In the Construction and Zoning Ordinance 2014 (Bau-und Zonenordnung BZO 2014), the City Council submitted to the Municipal Council a proposed framework for commercial and industrial activities in the city which was in line with Swiss planning regulations. This framework is currently in consultation. Due to the changing needs of industry and commerce, the Construction Department of the City Council is also seeking to review the approval practices which form part of the legal requirements.

Commercial building in the Koch area

In addition to residential development, some 20,000 square metres of space will be reserved for commercial use on the Koch site. With regard to the design plan, a land use concept which brings together commercial and residential needs is being developed. The plan forms the basis of the invitation to tender which is being submitted to interested sponsors.

The City’s interests in the SBB main workshop and Rheinmetall Air Defence sites

The sites of the SBB main workshop in Zurich West and the Rheinmetall Air Defence in Zurich North are not owned by the City. These areas, which are being re-developed, are to be made available for economic, commercial and industrial use which will be of long-term, sustainable benefit. The City has been in contact with both property owners for a considerable period of time and a constructive dialogue has ensued. As part of its strategic focus, the City of Zurich wishes to present its interests as a combined package for each of the projects, with its objectives targeted at the further development of the area.

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