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An attractive global city

Zürich - panoramic view

In terms of area, Zurich is definitely not a big city - but its economic importance, international make-up and excellent quality of life all combine to make Zurich a global city with a worldwide charisma.

Globally networked

Zürich - Center of Europe, illustrated by a geographical map

Zurich has an outstanding global reputation, both as a stock exchange and as a location with an all-inclusive range of financial services. The international charisma of the global city of Zurich is reinforced by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) which is the best university in the German-speaking world according to the Shanghai Jiao Tong list of world university rankings. However, this is not the only institute where world-class research is carried out: the entire economic area is like a densely networked science park, with countless private and public research facilities.

Ideal location

Leisure area lake of Zürich with people bathing in the lake

Zurich's geographical location is also an integral factor in the city's excellent quality of life. Lake Zurich, the Limmat and Sihl rivers, generous green tracts of land and of course the panorama of the Alps all offer an attractive natural backdrop and a multitude of opportunities for recreation and sport. Everything is close by, with beautiful hiking and skiing areas less than an hour from the city centre. The airport and high-speed railway network connect Zurich to the rest of the world and to Europe's large cities, and the region also has one of the best public transportation networks in the world

Traditionally international

Zürich - home town of people from over 160 nations, illustrated by a group of foreigners on the Üetliberg

The fact that the city lies at the heart of the continent and at the intersection of three major European cultural regions can be discerned everywhere in day-to-day life here. Zurich is multilingual and traditionally cosmopolitan, and new residents from abroad quickly feel at home here. As a domicile, Zurich is exactly the right size: it has the safety and the geographical clarity of a small town and yet, like a large city, it has a huge range of cultural, recreational and shopping facilities on offer. This is the real Zurich!

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