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Setting up a company

Ready to take the plunge?

Have you thought carefully enough about it and do you have the will and determination to see your business idea through? If so, then we will point you in the right direction to help you start up your company.

Starting up a company in Zurich is a streamlined process. Time and financial costs are minimal. As a rule, no special permit is required, since, in principle, everyone has the right to start and operate a business. In the City of Zurich, there are around 33,000 companies registered in the commercial register. These employ some 345,000 people. To ensure that Zurich retains its prime position as a location for business, it is crucial to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and to promote it among all age groups whatever their educational background. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that new companies emerge in both traditional business areas and those looking to the future.

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