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City cooperation with Mbeya, Tanzania and Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

The cities of Mbeya and Cox's Bazar are fast-growing regional centers and have high rates of malnutrition and high levels of food insecurity. They have few resources to support adequate access to sustainable and healthy nutrition, especially for the poor urban population.

The cooperation supports the cities of Mbeya and Cox's Bazar in ensuring food and nutrition security and contributes to the development of inclusive, resilient and sustainable urban food systems. This cooperation promotes political dialogue, the exchange of knowledge and cooperation on concrete projects. The cities of Mbeya and Cox's Bazar will be supported in particular.

  • Develop and implement a nutrition-related cross-sectoral approach
  • ensure a good local supply of sustainable food
  • to establish an exchange platform on nutrition with all relevant stakeholders,


  • Establish a robust monitoring system that covers the different dimensions of food systems.

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