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You, me & We Community Party

Community fundraiser, brought to you by The Human Touch

Datum: Samstag, 12. Mai 2018, 14.00 Uhr, bis Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018, 2.00 Uhr Kalender importieren

The Human Touch fosters a peer to peer interaction model as a primary means of communication. As such, May 12 is an opportunity to just be offline, not thinking about Likes, Comments, Swipes, Tags, Shares, Notifications and so on. An opportunity to enjoy body and verbal language, through dancing and smiling and a hi. The things that unite us by far outweigh the things that divide us. Whilst the digital era connects us, it also segments us. The "You, me & We" community party is happy to be "just" a day offline.

Who’s it for… We, The People. You, me and We. The Human Touch serves as an instrument that helps channel the means through which a natural peer-to-peer agenda is achieved. The fullfillment of our mission is very simply defined by your presence and your genuine fun.

All walks of life are welcome, all languages, all ethnicities, all faiths, ages etc...if you just want to spend a fun day offline, away from your phone or laptop, we'd love to have you hang out with us,  that is the essence of The Human Touch.

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Ort: Quartierzentrum Aussersihl
Hohlstrasse 67
8004 Zürich

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