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Moms learn to code


Quartierhaus Kreis 5, Sihlquai 115, 8005 Zürich

We are launching an introductory Course «Web development for moms»

Bild Moms leran to code

After this course 

  • You will understand how the website is created
  • You will know the basics of HTML5 and CSS3
  • You will be able to use the code editor for your programming projects
  • You will create your first website 

For whom is the course? 

  • For moms who want to learn something new
  • You can bring your baby with you to the lessons 

Why is this course especially for moms? 

  • Moms want to learn too. There is not enough stimulating and flexible offer for moms with babies and small children.
  • Life with a child is quite specific: not much time, having to be flexible all the time. The course is created for you bearing in mind all the specifics of mom’s life.

Quartierhaus Kreis 5
Sihlquai 115
8005 Zürich

Preis: Fr. 120.-- für 3 Lektionen à 2 x 50 Minuten

Webseite: Moms learn to code