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Online parents information: How can I support my child to manage money responsible?


Virtuelle Veranstaltung
  • Ideal für: Erwachsene, Familien, Fachpersonen
  • Eintritt: Gratis

We want to encourage parents and legal guardians to talk to children about money and consumption. Are you interested? You can find the link for the event below.

Children do not learn how to manage money overnight. Therefore, it is important to start talking about money within the family at an early age and to bring up the subject repeatedly. Children show interest in money and have material consumption desires. As parents, you have a great influence on your child's financial and consumer behavior. It is important to use this influence properly.  

We will show you, how to talk to your child about money. We will give you advice and present the concepts of pocket money and "Jugendlohn". 

The event is free of charge and in English. 

With the following zoom link you can participate on March 23. at 12:10 p.m.:

Ort: Virtuelle Veranstaltung

Veranstalter: dept prevention City of Zurich

Telefon: 044 413 69 44

Webseite: Schuldenprävention