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Weekend course: Childbirth class in English

An experienced midwife informs you about pregnacy, the birth of your baby and the time after delivery. We recommend to participate in this course after 30 weeks of pregnancy.

Childbirth class in English


  • different stages of labour
  • visiting the delivery ward (if capacy allows)
  • pain relief methods
  • support options through your partner
  • postpartum period (time after delivery)
  • breastfeeding
  • mild physical exercises

Weekend course

This is a "crash course" to receive the most important information in a short amount of time. This means that the midwife will explain all relevant topics and there is yet time for questions to be answered. Friday evening is only for women, where we will focus on the pelvic floor, breathing technique and mild physical exercises. On Saturday the parents-to-be get compact information about the delivery and the postpartum time. During group work and lunch break you will get the opportunity to exchange your thoughts with other couples and discuss different topics. Although this is a couples course, women who want to attend alone are also warmly welcome.



What to wear/bring along

  • comfortable clothes
  • towel


Map – Pavillon E2


  • Weekend course: Fr. 175.– per person / Fr. 350.– per couple (8 lessons in total)
  • Registration for Weekend Course in English

Weekend course (7 hours)

Dates Time
Friday/Saturday 6th of November/5th of November Friday, 19 - 20 h (women only)
Saturday, 10 - 16 h
Friday/Saturday 4th of December /5th of December Friday, 19 - 20 h (women only)
Saturday, 10 - 16 h

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