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Emergency Teams

Surgical and internal medicine teams are permanently on duty and co-operate between disciplines.

Emergency Teams

All medical specialised disciplines have a commitment to provide optimal emergency care. As emergency treatment plays an important role in our hospital, the emergency section is managed as a separate hospital department.

Accidents Casualty Surgery

Approximately 60 percent of casualties require surgery. Specialised fields of surgical treatment are available at a high professional level.

Heart Emergencies

Specialised heart treatment facilities are available around the clock. Cardiac emergency cases must be treated as soon as possible in the hospital.

Please call the emergency ambulance service by dialling 144. When a heart attack occurs the coronary vessels become obstructed. This obstruction must be cleared as soon as possible by widening with a balloon catheter and the placement of a stent.

Stroke Unit

Time is the most important factor after a patient has had a stroke or apoplectic seizure. Call the emergency ambulance service immediately by dialling 144. In the case of ominous symptoms – partial paralysis, speech defects, impaired vision – a diagnostic examination should take place without any hesitation. The patient must be transferred to hospital as soon as possible. 

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