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In transporting passengers in and around Zurich, Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) adheres to extremely high standards of service, which it strives to continually improve and develop. In recognition of its efforts, the VBZ Züri-Linie was honoured by the Swiss Tourism Association between 2001 and 2003 with Level 1 and Level 2 of the Quality Seal.

Our transport company runs on Level 2

Between 2001 and 2002, the employees of the tram and bus divisions, the Dolderbahn rack railway, customer advisors and service managers as well as marketing and sales successfully attained certification with the Level 1 of the Quality Seal. Every single aspect of the service, from the standard of the current timetable at stops and travel comfort up to the manner in which items were returned at the lost and found office, was up for evaluation. The idea was to consolidate positive findings and eliminate weak spots as rapidly as possible. This laid the cornerstone for further development in service quality. To reach higher for Level 2 of the Quality Seal, the company stepped up its efforts to improve quality. Service quality was assessed by three separate groups: by managers and employees using questionnaires, by passengers as part of a ZVV customer survey and by the Swiss Tourism Association in random on-site samples. On the basis of the positive results, the bus, tram, Dolderbahn rack railway, marketing, sales and customer service divisions were awarded the second-level Quality Seal: this fact alone shows we are on the right track.


What is the quality seal?

The «Quality Seal for Swiss Tourism» programme is backed by all the country’s major tourist associations. Its aim is to enhance quality consciousness in tourist operations and to further improve and consolidate service quality in Switzerland, an important travel and holiday destination.

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Operations awarded Quality Seal, Level 1, have had a quality specialist trained, have carried out a self-assessment to analyse important processes from the point of view of guests, pinpointed weaknesses and defined appropriate quality standards as well as ways of dealing with complaints. Measures to further improve quality are defined and put into practice every year.

Quality Our Passion Logo

Quality Seal, Level 2, focuses on quality assurance and operation management. Here, the measures taken so far are systematised on the basis of Level 1. Service quality is also assessed from the point of view of management, employees, passengers and an independent «mystery person». The results are summarised in a comprehensive report that serves as a basis for a catalogue of measures to be taken.

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