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Legal notice on the use of the City of Zürich website

This notice relates exclusively to the content and functions that the City of Zürich Authority publishes on These rules on its use may be amended at any time without prior notice.


In the context of the principle of freedom of information the City of Zürich makes all important information generally available on the internet. The City of Zürich cannot prevent the risks typical of information provided by it on the internet materialising in some cases. The City’s website can therefore only be used subject to the following preconditions and restrictions:


The City of Zürich reserves the right to amend or fundamentally revise individual information services or functions or to remove them from the net without prior notice. It cannot therefore be held liable for the consequences if certain information is no longer available in its previous form or at all.

The City of Zürich can accept no liability for ensuring that its electronic information services and the functions offered (e.g. a search function) may always be used without faults or that the information requested can be transferred without problems or errors.

The City of Zürich cannot guarantee that the information provided by it on the internet is always up to date, accurate in detail and complete and takes into account all conceivable issues.

Rights in the content

The information materials used on the internet (such as text, illustrations, logos, photos, videos, sound recordings, graphs and also the layout) provided by the City of Zürich are protected by intellectual property rights and in particular copyright in so far as they are not expressly excluded from such protection (e.g. the text of acts and legal rulings) by relevant legislation.

The information provided on the City’s website may therefore only be viewed, downloaded for personal use and printed out. However, this does not confer any additional rights as regards the content – Exception under the point on “Open Government Data”.

Any other use of content from the City’s website and in particular its incorporation (via frames or inline links) into other websites is only permitted with the consent of the holders of the intellectual property rights.

The Federal Act on the Protection of Official Coats of Arms and other public symbols applies to the use of the City’s coat of arms and other official symbols.

Open Government Data (OGD)

For specific records the City of Zürich sets down separate conditions of use that explicitly permit further use. Records that are published on* or* are provided in accordance with the regulations and conditions set down in the Regulations on Open Administrative Data*.

*German content

Data recording

Whenever you access the information services of the City of Zürich, we record your data for system security purposes.

The following logged data are stored whenever you access the city’s websites.

  • Your current IP address
  • Your operating system and browser type (user agent)
  • The date and time of your visit
  • The pages you have accessed

The recorded connection data are retained for a maximum of 12 months.

Analyses of the behaviour of users

When accessing the information provided by the City of Zürich, data are recorded for anonymous statistical analysis purposes. The analyses are carried out using the Adobe Analytics web analysis service. As such, the following data are transmitted to the web analysis service.

  • Your current IP address
  • Your operating system and browser type (user agent)
  • The date and time of your visit
  • The pages you have accessed
  • General information about the internet service provider (ISP)

No personal data are stored. The IP address is anonymised and used in this form for geo-localisation. It is stored completely anonymously.

You have the option of objecting to the use of the web analysis service on the website at any time. This has no influence on the website’s functionalities.

Use of cookies

We intentionally collect cookies in order to obtain information about the how the website is used and to continually adapt our offering to user needs.

The website of the City of Zurich uses cookies. Cookies are small text files, which are permanently or temporarily saved on a computer when visiting a website. The following types of cookies are used:

  • Essential cookies
    A cookie remembers, for example, the selected request language or the login status so that the individual content can be provided when logged in. These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website and cannot be disabled.
  • Analysis of usage/statistics
    We use Adobe Analytics to generate web statistics. It creates multiple cookies. The data collected are not personal and are only exchanged within the City’s web pages and not shared with third parties. These cookies are non-essential and can be deactivated (see description Analyses of the behaviour of users).
  • Functions of third-party systems
    When additional cookies are used, the respective application requests explicit confirmation in this regard. For example, when playing a Youtube video.

In your browser, you can, at any time, deactivate cookies in the settings entirely or in part. But please keep in mind that by deactivating cookies not all functions of this website may be available.

Confidentiality and integrity in data transfer

If data are transferred to the City of Zürich (e.g. via a contact form provided or by email), neither confidential nor reliable data transfer can be guaranteed. The City of Zürich will also normally reply to such contact electronically and here again neither confidentiality nor data integrity can be assured. Therefore confidential information should not be transferred in this manner.

This is varied only with the City’s internet services for which there is express notice of secure data transfer. In such cases, the special security measures are normally indicated (e.g. via https or a key or lock symbol).


Only the contents in German are legally binding. All translations are non-binding, both manually created translations and automatically translated contents.

The City of Zürich has no influence over external sites to which it has links. Therefore with regard to such sites it can neither guarantee that the information contained therein is correct nor that the content is free from malware (e.g. viruses) nor that the data protection legislation is observed there. Nor can it take any responsibility for ensuring that these links always work perfectly or that they will always refer to the same content. The City of Zürich has no influence over sites that link to its services, so it cannot accept any responsibility for them.

«Sharing» content on social media

If you access the website, direct contact between you and the social network will not be created until you click on the «Share» button. This prevents you from leaving a digital trace on the site visited and so improves your data protection. 

Social plugin

If you access the website, direct contact between you and the social networks «Twitter», «Youtube» or «Facebook» will not be created until you activate functions like «reply», «favorite» or «retweet». This prevents you from leaving a digital trace on the site visited and so improves your data protection. 


You will be informed via our newsletter about news and events in the various offices and service departments. Your email address will not be passed on to third parties and it is used exclusively for sending the newsletter, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.


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