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The website is largely accessible for people with disabilities.

Access Keys

On there are access keys (key combinations) defined that permit navigation with the keyboard:

1 = To select department (horizontal navigation)

2 = To content

5 = To search

6 = To auxiliary navigation (e.g. Contact or Jobs)

7 = To other information

8 = To language selection

L = Read page aloud

How the access keys work

This is how the access keys work in Internet Explorer 9:

  • Press ALT + access key
  • Now you can navigate forwards with TAB and back with SHIFT + TAB to the individual links
  • To go to a link, press ENTER.

Mac users should use the CTRL key instead of the ALT key

Various Browsers

Every browser has its own access-keys. Please look up this Wikipedia article.

Partial conformity

Some content has not been implemented entirely free of barriers. This mainly concerns applications that will be made accessible in the future. The relevant content is not part of the certified departments. People with disabilities will be offered the following contact options for those departments:



Roadworks A–Z list

Implementation date not yet fixed

Structural Engineering Dept.: Archive of urban construction projects 2004–2009

Content is mainly but not 100% barrier-free. No further measures planned.

Archive of media releases 2002–2007

No implementation planned

Archive of ewz media releases 2002–2008

No implementation planned

Any further questions? Information not found?

If you (in particular as a person with a disability) would like to ask any questions or offer any criticism or feedback, please use the City of Zürich internet services

Stadthausquai 17
8001 Zürich
Postal address:
8022 Zürich

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