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    Pilot Project 2: Community Based

    The call for entry for «Community Based» has been closed on 24 October. It is the second Pilot Project of «Kultur Labor Zürich» . The aim is to find people from a migrant or post-migrant Zurich community who want to support culture.

    Illustration: Joël Roth

    «Kultur Labor Zürich»is challenging the current approach to supporting culture. It is seeking to instigate changes and to learn from them – for example with the «Community Based» pilot project. With «Community Based», Stadt Zürich Kultur is giving Zurich residents the opportunity to decide for themselves what should be supported. The aim is to find people from a migrant or post-migrant Zurich community who want to support culture (see bottom of the page). A one-time budget of 90,000 Swiss francs is being made available to support cultural practitioners and creatives in the city of Zurich. The community will decide on behalf of Stadt Zürich Kultur who or what should be supported: series of events, festivals, open stages, open spaces, workrooms, competitions or completely new forms of culture. To qualify, the supported cultural practitioners and creatives must be from a migrant or post-migrant community, and the funded projects must be open to the public in the city of Zurich. Interested parties were able to apply until 24 October 2021.


    On the recommendation of the jury «Kultur Labor Zürich» has chosen the project SPACE CAMP by Brandy Butler and Leslie Philbert from Zurich.

    SPACE CAMP is a co-collaborative trans-disciplinary space that invites artists/performers  from marginalized groups who reside first and foremost in Zürich, then in Switzerland and lastly from around the globe to come together over two weeks to imagine, create, learn and network  in a POC run «safer space» and to practice the art of collective community building and care.

    SPACE CAMP is an active response to the overwhelming desire of people from marginalized groups and works on actively deconstructing access barriers while also focusing on creating a «safer space» for lived diversity.

    SPACE CAMP is expected to take place at Tanzhaus Zürich in spring 2023.

    The pilot project in detail

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