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    permanent exhibition at NONAM

    Of borrowed plumes and other stories

    NONAM Collection

    Indigenous artists in urban settings, whalers in the Arctic, bison hunters on the Great Plains or mask carvers on the Northwest Coast. NONAM invites you on a little journey across the vast North America. The museum highlights the diversity of the Indigenous Nations, past and present, and offers insights into the art forms and cultures of First Nations, Inuit, Native Americans and Native Alaskans.

    Karl Bodmer – A Swiss Artist in North America

    Special Exhibition until 28 November 2021

    Exhibition until 28 November 2021In 1832, the young Zurich painter Karl Bodmer traveled to the Upper Missouri with the naturalist Prince Maximili-an zu Wied. Among the highlights of the two-year journey were the encounters with the indigenous population. The prince wrote, the painter illustrated. The precision and expressiveness of his depictions made Bodmer’s works world renowned. The exhibition shows a selection from the NONAM collection.

    Show.Room – Out of the boxes, into the museum

    Special Exhibition until 28 November 2021

    Exhibition until 28 November 2021Museum collections are often known only from hearsay. A large part is usually hidden and stored away. At theNONAM, a part of the collection is permanently on display at the museum. The rest, however, remains mostly invisible in racks, drawers and stacked boxes. Time to get out of the boxes and into the showroom. (Almost) every item is given a stage – even those objects who otherwise lead a shadowy existence.

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