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Great potential

The proximity to the financial centre as well as to universities and research institutions favours the establishment of cleantech companies in the city of Zurich. There is great potential for both knowledge-intensive cleantech services and technology-intensive industrial cleantech SMEs. In order to tackle the major challenges such as climate change, resource-conserving energy use or sustainable management, the economic development agency wants to make better use of the innovative power of the economy, especially from the cleantech sector.


The Economic Development Agency is involved in strategy development processes of other departments on environmental and climate-relevant topics and contributes the perspectives of the economy there (e.B. Circular Economy Strategy, Environmental Strategy).

Submarkets City of Zurich (2018)

 Workplaces Full-time equivalents 
Energy efficiency5457593
Renewable energy11728
Circular economy2742011
Raw material efficiency6493724
rest of the cleantech economy289717578
Water management32828
Total Cleantech City of Zurich485733172
Total Cleantech Canton of Zurich1538993918


Share of submarkets (2018)

Tooltipp: Anteile am Cluster in Prozent und absoluten Zahlen

Development of cleantech and overall economy City of Zurich, 2012 to 2018

Source: Statistical Office of the Canton of Zurich

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