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City of the Future – ZRH3039

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What is "City of the Future – ZRH3039"?

Zurich is popular with 30- to 39-year-olds: they form the largest age group and, according to forecasts, will soon reach the 100,000 mark. Around half of them do not have a Swiss passport and cannot vote or vote. 90% of 30-39 year olds are employed, preferably full-time. Many of them are geographically mobile.

Behind these figures are various realities of life and questions. How will living together in Zurich develop in the future under these conditions? How will a future society work if a large part of the population is excluded from political events? What effects does this have on Zurich as a business location? And what significance does Zurich play as a place to live and work for the age group? Urban Development Zurich is addressing these realities within the framework of "ZRH3039" and intends to engage in depth with Zurich's largest and most diverse age group. Public events shed light on facts, reflected realities of life and asked about challenges for the city of the future.

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