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Module C: City-to-city cooperation

With the city-to-city cooperation in Module C, the City of Zurich intends to promote the potential of cities for sustainable development and thus contribute to the global achievement of SDG 11 - the urban goal of the  UN's 2030 Agenda.

By combining political dialogue, knowledge exchange and project implementation, the City of Zurich wants to demonstrate the added value of direct cooperation between cities in favor of innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of sustainable urban development. The focus is on strengthening urban structures, resources and competencies for long-term and broad-based results for people, the environment and the economy. To this end, the City of Zurich offers its experience and involves partner organisations. 

Common to all urban cooperations is the overarching goal of impact. The City of Zurich always aims to strengthen the governance of its partner cities by ensuring that city cooperations aim to stabilise institutional structures, effectively manage financial resources, cooperative policy-making and the inclusive participation of the population, regardless of the thematic focus. In addition to urban cooperation, the partner cities are to be strengthened in their capacities for integrated urban development in order to implement sustainable solutions in other areas.

Furthermore, the proven solutions are made visible in international development policy in order to promote their recognition and replication and to shape the further development of global standards in sustainable urban development.

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