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Funding options

Integration Promotion offers advice on the planning and implementation of integration projects. Interested persons or organisations can make an appointment.

Projects that contribute to improving coexistence between the "native" and "foreign" population may be co-financed by the city. For this purpose, two loans are available for the promotion of integration:

  • Integration loan: CHF 200,000 per year is available. This supports 30 to 40 projects, many of which are carried out on a voluntary basis, every year.
  • Credit "Exchange and living together": CHF 250,000 per year is available. This means that three to six projects can be supported per contribution year.

Since 2019, "Intercultural Program Weeks" have been held every two years in the city of Zurich, which make the diversity in the city visible, celebrate and further develop. 

  • «Intercultural Programme Weeks»: CHF 200,000 per year is available. This will support the "Intercultural Programme Weeks", which will take place every two years from 2019. 

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