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Migrant Organisations

Committed migrants and religious communities make an important contribution to strengthening cohesion in the city of Zurich. They cultivate community life and cultural traditions. They organize events and get involved in integration projects and make Zurich a place where cultural diversity is perceived as an enrichment. For the City of Zurich, they are important partners who do valuable voluntary work.

Information and networking meetings

Every year, the Foreigners' Advisory Council and the Integration Promotion of the City of Zurich invite representatives of migrant organisations and religious communities to an information and networking meeting. At this meeting, the City of Zurich would like to express its gratitude for the diverse volunteer commitment. In addition, information on current topics of integration policy is provided and discussed, and new contacts are made.

This year's meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at the Stadthaus (Stadthausquai 17). After a welcome and speeches by the City of Zurich's Integration Promotion Department, the Foreigners' Advisory Council and the Cantonal Integration Office, an informal exchange will take place. Participants will be informed about existing offers at tables. They get into conversation with other participants and can communicate their concerns to the Foreigners' Advisory Board and representatives of the city administration.  

Addresses of migrant organisations

The Cantonal Office for Integration Issues offers a platform for migrant associations.
The platform offers all interested parties an easy way to get in touch.

Is your club not yet on the platform?
Would you also like to benefit from information, exchange and networking?

Register here:


Where can we find a suitable space for our activities?

Many clubs and organizations are looking for cheap premises. In Zurich, it is very difficult for everyone to find a suitable and cheap space. This also applies to migrant organisations. The clubs are usually looking for spaces where they can meet regularly or where they can hold joint events.

On the website of the Department of Social Affairs , there are many links that can be used to rent inexpensive rooms (e.g. the Socio-Cultural Room List, the Dynamo Room Exchange as well as the space available for social services and community centres).

Most of these rooms are rented for a few hours, for half a day or for a full day. On the other hand, the usual market prices apply to renting your own premises, which are exclusively available to the association. However, these exceed the financial resources of the vast majority of clubs. A good way to still get a room is to ask another club. Especially clubs that have been in Zurich for a very long time often have their own club premises or premises. Many of them, however, only use them once or twice a week. Do you know someone who is in a sports club or other cultural association? Ask if it has its own room and if it would be possible for two or three clubs to share the space and costs!

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