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Strategy focus "Testing smart participation"

In order for Zurich to become a smart city for everyone, the city administration and the population must be in close contact and communicate well with each other. It is therefore important to the city council that the city's plans and projects are approached in a cooperative and participatory manner. With the strategy focus "Testing Smart Participation", the city council wants to further develop the opportunities for participation in a targeted manner and test and establish new forms of digital participation. It will be examined how the digital possibilities can be used profitably for the participatory processes of the City of Zurich. Accordingly, the possibilities of e-participation in combination with analogue methods have already been explored in the participation procedures for the age strategy "My Zurich in Old Age", the " VBZ Vision of the Future ÖV 2050 " and the "Interface City – Quarters ".

The five sub-projects of the strategy focus

Subproject 1: Basics and Applications

The subproject serves to gain knowledge about the use of web-based participation tools in informal participation procedures. For this purpose, application examples from the city of Zurich and other cities are evaluated.

Subproject 2: Process Support E-Participation

Subproject 2 expands the existing advisory services of urban development, which are repeatedly used by various service departments, to informal participation processes. To this end, knowledge about e-participation opportunities and their use in combination with "analogue" participation events will be expanded in a targeted manner (see subproject 1).

Subproject 3: Tool-Box E-Participation

Subproject 3 is intended to provide the city administration – and possibly also district-oriented organizations – with applications for the digital inclusion and participation of stakeholders. These are, for example, applications for the expansion of participation processes taking place in physical space or survey tools for obtaining broad-based mood images.

Subproject 4: Digital Platform Quarters

Subproject 4 deals with a central concern from the participation process Interface City - Quarters. In order to improve networking and the exchange of information within the districts on the one hand and the exchange of information between the city and the population in the districts on the other, it is to be examined which digital communication channels should be used, expanded or set up.

Subproject 5: Testing Participatory Budgeting

Subproject 5 explores the digital possibilities of participatory budgeting. The work in this sub-project is carried out in close coordination with the Wipkingen District Association, which has approached the city in this regard, as well as with other interested organisations. The city accompanies and supports their pilot project "Quartieridee Wipkingen".

Contact persons

Günther Arber (Leiter Strategie-Schwerpunkt)
Stv. Direktor Stadtentwicklung, Präsidialdepartement
Telefon 044 412 36 36

Max Stern (Teilprojekte 1 und 5)
Projektleiter Stadtentwicklung, Präsidialdepartement
Telefon 044 412 17 14

Werner Liechtenhan (Teilprojekte 2 und 4)
Projektleiter Stadtentwicklung, Präsidialdepartement
Telefon 044 412 36 68

Michael Keller (Teilprojekt 3)
Abteilungsleiter, E-Government & Digitale Prozesse, Finanzdepartement
Telefon 044 412 95 85

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