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Primary School

Primary School teachers provide the pupils with important basic knowledge and skills within the areas of social, environmental and scientific education, languages, mathematics, arts and physical education. These skills are essential in order for the children to continue their education at secondary level.

First and Middle School

  • The Primary School lasts six years and is divided into First School and Middle School.
  • First School consists of the first three years of Primary School.
  • Middle School consists of the three last years of Primary School before the pupils transfer to Secondary School.


Block schedule

In the morning: 8:20 a.m.- 11:55 a.m. (4 lessons of 45 minutes)

In the afternoon: 1:45 p.m. - 3:25 p.m. (2 lessons of 45 minutes)

School subjects

The school subjects that get taught in primary school are education for sustainable development, language, math, art & music and sport.

  • Nature, human, society: In this subjects are the topics history, geography, nature, engineering and life skills. Nature, human, society is taught from the first year on.
  • Language: In language lessons the reading, writing, listening and speaking of the pupils will get promoted. These will be done in the languages: German, English and French. English is taught from the third year on and French from the fifth year on.
  • Other subjects: The subject’s math, sport and fibre and technical craft will be taught from the first year on throughout all of primary school.
  • Swimming lessons: One lesson per week is obligatory. These take place from the first to the fourth year of primary school. Normally there are special school baths with special trained swimming teachers.
  • Media and computer science is a module beginning in Kindergarten and a own subject from the fifth year.

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