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Secondary School

Schüler im Unterricht

The Secondary School follows Primary School and lasts for 3 years. The students learn how to intensify and extend the skills gained during Primary School enabling them to fulfil the requirements to start an apprenticeship or qualify for continuative schools (Fachmittelschule, Gymnasium, Handelsmittelschule, Informatikmittelschule).

Transfer to Secondary School

In the last year of Primary School there is an overall assessment of every student Based on this assessment the student will be assigned to either group A or B. About 80% of the students will attend Secondary School the remaining 20% will attend Gymnasium (grammar/high school) after passing the qualifying examination.

Groups and classes

The students belong either to group A or B. These groups are divided into either A classes, combined A/B classes or B classes. Students with special needs will be integrated into these classes.

In the A-classes the students are expected to achieve higher skill levels compared to the B- classes where fundamental skills are expected and enhanced.


Groups and classes


Levels I/II/III in mathematics (M) and French (F)

Independent of the assignment in A-, A/B- or B- classes the students will be taught mathematics (M) and French (F) to three levels. Level III requires a fundamental knowledge, levels II and I require advanced knowledge.


In Secondary School it is possible to move between both class and level.


Change of class or level in M and F

A reclassification in another class (A or B) or in another level in M or F is possible and welcomed. This is the case when the performance and the overall assessment shows that the student’s progress would be enhanced in a different class or level.

If a student obviously exceeds the requirements of a class or level a change to a more challenging class or level in M or F is appropriate. The opposite also applies.

Dates for reclassifications

ClassNumber of reclassification datesPeriod of reclassification
1. Secondary School3 datesNovember, April, July
2. Secondary School2 datesFebruary, July
3. Secondary School1 dateFebruary

Professional Orientation

In the second and third year of Secondary School the subject «Professional Orientation» is included in the timetable. This subject is taught with assistance of the Career Centre (LBZ) of the City of Zurich.

Transfer to an apprenticeship and to further education

The «Professional Orientation» classes in the 2nd and 3rd years of Secondary School is a subject which helps students to decide between an apprenticeship or further education.

For graduates without definite plans there is an opportunity of receiving assistance from the Career Centre (LBZ) or to attend in a career preparation year at the Fachschule Viventa.

Every student is entitled to take the entrance examination for Gymnasium (grammar/high school). However, before registering a consultation between the parents and the teacher regarding the chance of passing the exam is recommended. Potential candidates will receive an offer from state school to attend preparation lessons.

Special Offers

The Art- and Sports School Zurich (K+S) offers especially talented students with ambitions in music, dance or sport the opportunity to receive intensive training. In addition to a Secondary School graduation K+S students have the advantage of receiving training specifically designed for their talent.

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