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International Patients

Zurich's Triemli municipal hospital is raising the bar by combining the finest medical care with a highly personal touch in the Switzerland's most modern hospital. We are very happy to treat and look after foreign patients provided that insurance coverage is guaranteed.

Please contact the clinic of your choice: The Triemli telephone exchange will gladly connect you with the appropriate contact person +41 (0)44 416 11 11

Please note: At Triemli hospital it is possible to withdraw Swiss Francs or Euros with most credit cards (in the entrance hall).

Questions regarding the Swiss Healthcare System?

The booklet «A Health Guide to Switzerland» is the most useful orientation guide for a foreign language speaker trying to find out more about the Swiss health-care system. It is issued by the Swiss Red Cross and the Federal Ministry of Health.

The "Health Guide" is available in 18 languages (Albanian, Bosnian, German, English, Farsi, French, Italian, Croatian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Somalian, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese).

You may order the 24 page booklet in the language of your choice at

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