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Urban Development Zurich

Five approaches for a prosperous and cosmopolitan Zurich

Urban Development Zurich (STEZ) belongs to the Mayor’s Department of the City of Zurich and reports directly to the Mayor. STEZ comprises five subdivisions: Socio-spatial Development UnitIntegration Office, Economic DevelopmentForeign Affairs and Smart City Zurich.

As a competence center for sustainable urban development, STEZ operates at the interfaces between politics, business, the population and administration. STEZ develops decision-making bases and strategies for the city council. In order to integrate the foreign population, to promote the location, the economy and a city administration that involves its citizens digitally and analogously, STEZ initiates and implements projects in dialogue with stakeholders and partners.

STEZ is committed to a sustainable, cosmopolitan Zurich and is a reliable partner committed to transparency. STEZ fulfils its cross-sectional function within the city and networking across city boundaries on a strategic and operational level with a holistic, interdisciplinary way of thinking and acting.

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