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Urban Development

Four ways to create a prosperous and cosmopolitan Zurich

The Office for Urban Development Zurich (STEZ) consists of four subdivisions: Socio-Spatial Development Unit Economic Development, Foreign Affairs and the Integration Office.

As a centre of excellence for sustainable urban development, STEZ is active at the interfaces between politics, business, the public and the administrative authorities, and prepares the bases for strategic decision-making for the City Council of Zurich. In order to promote the City’s location and economy as well as integrate its foreign population, STEZ initiates and carries out projects in dialogue with stakeholders and partners. STEZ is committed to a sustainable, cosmopolitan Zurich, as well as being a reliable partner committed to transparency. STEZ adopts a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to its thinking and actions when carrying out its cross-departmental functions on a strategic and operational level.

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