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City of the Future – Trade in Transition

"Retail in Transition": The first annual theme of "City of the Future"

Consumption and local supply are known to be among the core elements of a vibrant, prosperous city. Global trends such as digitization, changing consumer behavior and demographic change have been causing massive change in the retail trade for several years. The project "Trade in Transition" dealt with these changes and their consequences for urban space. For this purpose, exploratory scenarios for the city of Zurich were developed, which tried to anticipate different developments and are illustrated for different types of urban space. Find out more about the background of the project in the web article "City of the Future – Trade in Transition" by Anna Schindler. The scenarios were presented at a public event with Mayor Corine Mauch in December 2017 at Sihlcity. In addition to Corine Mauch, Herbert Bolliger, President General Of the Migros Cooperative Association, Milan Prenosil, President of the City Association and CEO Sprüngli, Prof. Dr. Alain Thierstein, Chair of Spatial Development at the Technical University of Munich and Khalid El A. Ashker, founder of Pop Up Shop GmbH, also discussed.

Retail in Transition


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