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Voices from the Zurich retail trade

The Quartierladen – Chäs and Bread

What does a neighbourhood shop mean for the residents? And what does a neighbourhood shop offer that a large distributor cannot offer? What does the future of a neighbourhood shop look like? Stefan Güntensperger, owner of "Chäs und Brot", provides answers.

The wholesaler – Migros Löwenplatz

How do we buy from a major distributor in the future? And what would be missing on Löwenstrasse without Migros City? Urs Raimann, Head of Migros City, answered these and other questions.

The hairdressing business – Coiffure Yvelisse

What does a hairdressing business mean for neighbourhood life? And what will a hairdresser's visit look like in the future? We talked to Yvelisse Spühler, owner of Coiffure Yvelisse.

The traditional business – optician Zwicker

How do we buy our glasses in the future? What distinguishes an optician's shop from an online shop? Daniel Halder, owner of optician Zwicker, talks about it.

The home electronics business – Fux AG

Will we still buy a TV in the store in the future? What will the television of the future look like? Oliver Fux, owner of Fux AG, provides information about this.

The shoe shop – Peter&Vreni Shoe Fashion

Why do we still buy shoes in the store today? What does the future of a stationary shoe store in Zurich's Inner City look like? Michèle Zeller, owner of Peter&Vreni Schuhmode and district5, talks about it.

The clothing store – Boutique Vetements

What is the added value of buying clothes in the store? And why can a clothing store still survive in times of growing online trade? Rahel Schoch, owner of boutique Vetements, talked to us about it.

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