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Travelling with limited mobility

Ein Herr, der mit dem Rollstuhl ins Cobratram einsteigt.


  • Full low-floor vehicles on Tram 6, 8, 10 and 12 
  • 50% low-floor vehicles on Tram 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14 and 17
  • No low floor vehicles on Tram 15, because on this way you can use other low-floor vehicles. Tram 5 has low floor vehicles on Sunday to connect the Zoo more comfortable.

It is possible that a vehicle without a low floor may exceptionally be used on low-floor vehicle routes for operational reasons. The online timetable provides information about the operation of low-floor vehicles (scheduled). On our dynamic departure boards the next low-floor trams are marked with a special sign.

Stops are increasingly being adapted for use without steps. If you need to access a vehicle without a step, or require stops and platforms without steps, you can identify suitable connections in advance. If the stop is not designed to be step-free, a folding ramp is usually available and the driver will help you get on.


Buses on all routes are equipped with low boarding platforms. Bus stops usually have a kerb 10-16cm high. Therefore, even low-floor vehicles still have a small step. Wheelchair users can enter the bus using a ramp, with the assistance of staff.

All buses and trams have free floor space by at least one of the doors. This door is marked with a wheelchair symbol.

Mountain railways:

  • The Dolderbahn is fully accessible by wheelchair.
  • On the Rigiblick funicular railway, the mountain and valley stations as well as the Germaniastrasse intermediate stop can be accessed by wheelchair users.
  • The Polybahn is not accessible for wheelchairs.

Travelling with visual disabilities

Eine Frau, die mit ihrem Blindenhund ins Cobratram einsteigt.

If you sit at the front (near the first doors in the vehicle) in the tram or bus, the driver can give you the necessary route information, keep the doors open longer or assist you if required. The stops and the front doors have tactile signs. The most important stops and all vehicles are equipped with acoustic modules which can give information directly in the event of disruption. Our vehicles are also fitted with automatic stop announcements.

Travelling with hearing disabilities

Thanks to our visual passenger information, you are kept up to date at the stop and in our vehicles, even in the event of disruption.

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