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Prams & bicycles

Travelling with a pram

Enjoy the advantages of our low-floor vehicles. All low-floor vehicles have an area with space for prams as you enter. Even older trams and buses offer sufficient storage space for prams. The appropriate door is marked with a pram symbol. If you require longer to get on or off, press the blue pram button (if available) on the door. The driver can then keep the doors open longer.

Tip: You do not require an additional ticket for a pram.

Special wide entry doors in the different types of tram

Vehicle type

Doors (counting from the front)Door width in mmSpecial
Tram 20004 (rearmost)670 
"Sänfte" ("smooth runner")3 (middle)
5 (rearmost)
Cobra2 and 3each one >1000low-floor
Flexity-Tram8 (first & last are single doors)

front & back door: 650

second to seventh door: 1300 


Travelling with a bicycle


A bicycle may be taken on a tram or bus provided that there is sufficient space in the vehicle, it is clean, and does not impede other passengers. Bicycles must be loaded, stored and unloaded by the owner. There should be sufficient space for you to get on at the rearmost part of the tramcar. In a bus it is better to use the middle doors of the vehicle.

Tip: A standard 2nd class ticket is required for your bicycle – available at a reduced Halfe-Fare price.

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