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The City of Zürich pursues an all-encompassing and sustainable mobility strategy. Public areas are not just available for transport usage but also as places for living and leisure. The City of Zürich promotes public transport correspondences and takes the strain away from the inner city and residential areas by means of targeted measures.

Zürich has a modern public transport network which branches out far and wide: trams, buses, ferries, suburb trains and funiculars combine to make up a comprehensive and efficient range of transport options. Good international rail links and the nearby Zürich airport make travel to and from Zürich simple and comfortable. Indeed, the majority of European capitals are no more than an hour's flight from Zürich airport.

There are connections every half-hour from Zürich central station to all major Swiss cities (Zug, Lucerne, Basel, Berne and Geneva), while various high-speed trains (ICE – Germany, TGV – France and Pendolino – Italy) are linked to the rail network.

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