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building at the Paradeplatz near Bahnhofstrasse

The city is able to attract business and employees from around the world thanks to its high quality of life and its attractive educational and employment opportunities. 330,000 people have found work here, notably 90% of them in the service sector.

Zürich is one of Europe's most important financial centres. The finance sector generates around a third of the wealth and a quarter of the jobs in the city. Various innovative businesses and industries, both small and large, form an important basis of the Zürich economy.

Biotechnology and life sciences are currently enriching the medical tech sector. The combination of old and new know-how is creating excellent results in the life sciences sector, while niche markets such as the automotive supplier industry and aerospace as well as the rapidly expanding creative economy are enjoying similar success.

Zürich is being expanded as a congress and tourism venue as a complement to the knowledge-based sectors. Production costs in Switzerland are lower than in competing economic areas thanks to high productivity levels and low non-wage labour costs in comparison with other countries around the world.

The City of Zürich as an employer

Interesting tasks and social commitment are part of what mark the City of Zürich out as an employer, as well as progressive working conditions including fair salaries and advantageous social benefits, different working time models, equal opportunities for men and women and an expansive range of educational and training possibilities.

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