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Are you new in Zurich? Welcome video

The film is multilingual. Please click on youtube and select the subtitles in the desired language (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

00:19 Dear Sir or Madam

00:22 I am very pleased to welcome you

00:28 on behalf of the City of Zurich

00:31 Perhaps you have a new job in Zurich

00:35 perhaps you have started studying

00:38 or you have come to Zurich

00:40 because of your partner.

00:42 Whatever reasons have led you to Zurich:

00:46 you are now a "Zürcherin" or a "Zürcher".

00:50 We would have liked to welcome you personally

00:53 here in the City Hall.

00:55 Unfortunately, we are currently unable

00:59 to hold the welcome events due to the measures taken

01:02 to contain the corona virus.

01:04 To make your start and settling in

01:07 in your new environment easier,

01:09 our office of integration

01:12 offers a wide range of information events,

01:16 courses and personal advice.

01:20 I wish you a good start in our city

01:24 and hope that you will feel at home here as soon as possible.

01:30 You are new in Zurich

01:32 and probably have lots of questions.

01:35 Anyone who moves to a foreign city

01:37 must first get oriented and find their way around.

01:41 What is the best way to learn German quickly?

01:44 How does the school system work?

01:46 Which health insurance do I need?

01:49 Where can I get a parking permit for my car?

01:53 How do I dispose of rubbish?

01:56 How can I have an active social life?

02:00 The Zurich Integration Office is delighted to support you

02:07 in your search for answers to these numerous questions.

02:14 It is important to us that all city residents

02:20 can benefit equally from the services and offerings

02:24 of the city of Zurich.

02:26 Would you like to learn German

02:29 or improve your existing knowledge of it?

02:32 We can support you

02:34 in finding the most suitable course for you.

02:38 At our Welcome Desk in the Stadthaus,

02:42 we are available Monday to Thursday

02:46 from 14:00 to 18:00

02:49 for a brief consultation, free of charge.

02:52 Here we are happy to provide you with information

02:55 on other diverse topics, such as:

02:57 job search, recognition of foreign diplomas,

03:01 and social insurances,

03:03 or on how to make your search for a flat/apartment easier.

03:06 Come visit us!

03:07 We can also direct you to other offices and departments

03:11 that might have the information you need.

03:13 Or attend one of our information events,

03:16 offered in various languages.

03:18 Here you can learn more

03:20 about meaningful topics

03:22 that are important for your everyday life in Zurich.

03:27 Leisure time activities are also covered.

03:31 We would be delighted to recommend ways

03:34 to get to know people more quickly

03:36 or how to become involved as a volunteer.

03:40 In addition to this,

03:42 twice a year we run the course for women:

03:44 Daily Life in Zurich.

03:47 This course is offered in many different languages in parallel

03:51 and has childcare available

03:54 Please visit our Website.

03:57 Here you will find further information

04:02 in various languages on topics and events that are important to you.

On these pages you will find information about the city of Zurich and the Integration Office in English.


On this website you will find a summary of important information, tips and recommendations in English: Corona

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