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Course «Daily Life in Zurich»

A course for women in English

In the course «Daily Life in Zurich» you will learn important information on social, legal, and cultural topics. Together you will discuss everyday issues and connect with other women.

Course start date

End of August and beginning of March

With childcare


16 course modules, every Wednesday morning, 8:45-11:15

Course program

  1. Introduction and orientation in the city
  2. «Typical Swiss»? From quadrilingual to multilingual Switzerland. Reflection on your arrival in Switzerland
  3. Switzerland: Introduction to geography, history, and politics
  4. The canton and the city of Zurich: Facts and figures, politics, law and administration
  5. Visit a meeting of the City Council in the Rathaus
  6. The school and education system in the canton of Zurich 1: from toddlerhood to and with primary school
  7. The school and education system in the canton of Zurich: secondary schools, vocational training, grammar school/high schools
  8. Waste and recycling: A visit to the waste-to-energy power station Hagenholz
  9. Continuing education and work in Switzerland
  10. Free time and volunteer work in Zurich: visit to a community centre
  11. Social insurances in Switzerland
  12. Finances
  13. Housing, neighbours, and neighbourhood life
  14. Health and health insurance in Switzerland
  15. Historical tour through Zurich’s old city: Who were the important women in Zurich’s history?
  16. Course closing ceremony


CHF 60.– for participants who live in the city of Zurich (CHF 30.– for childcare)

CHF 320.– for those outside of the city (CHF 90.– for childcare) 


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