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Participation Procedure concerning the Interface between the City of Zurich and its Quarters

Working together for the quarters and their inhabitants

The harmonious co-existence in Zurich’s quarters is one of the city’s distinguishing characteristics, largely due to the initiative and voluntary commitment of numerous people and many civil society organisations in the quarters and neighbourhoods.  The city administration welcomes and supports this commitment and seeks to involve the neighbourhoods in projects that affect them. A well-functioning interface between the city and its quarters is important.

Planning for the city’s increasing diversity

The City of Zurich is in a state of flux and its quarters are growing. New neighbourhoods have emerged, various areas are becoming denser and the population is getting increasingly diverse. This diversity is a hallmark of the city. In recent years, beside the quarter associations (Quartiervereine) additional neighbourhood organisations have been set up. This is why the city administration wants to analyse its interface with the city quarters and, if necessary, optimise it.

Open inclusion of all interested parties

In a fully transparent participatory process with the quarter associations and other neighbourhood organisations, the City of Zurich is seeking to understand if and how to improve the interface to the quarters. This will involve assessing the current situation, identifying improvement opportunities and developing the consequent measures. In the process, electronic participation will be a tool. Information about the project is provided actively and regularly – for example on this website.

Current situation and policy recommendations

The analysis of the current situation, as well as the discussion and development of possible measures will be carried out in a participatory and collective process. The outcome is open-ended. It should reflect the growing and changing City of Zurich and the diversity of its population. Based on the results of the participation process, the City Council and City Parliament will decide which possible changes will be implemented at the interface between the City Administration and its quarters. In principle, the process neither involves an increase of the available city funds nor a reduction, but it may change the way funds are distributed.

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