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City of the Future – Insights from the Outside

With whom does the city of Zurich have what image? Why? And what can the city learn from this? These and related questions are addressed by The Urban Development of Zurich as part of the project "Zurich – Insights from the Outside".

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What is "Zurich – Insights from the Outside"?

The city of Zurich is intertwined in a multi-layered way with other actors from politics, business and civil society. As Switzerland's largest city, it plays a special role in the federalist system. 

But how is Zurich perceived? Who has what image of the city? Are there any relevant differences? To what extent is the image of the city of Zurich a symbol of the perception of cities and their role in Switzerland as a whole?  Where and how can the City of Zurich improve its positioning as a partner at the various levels of government? Where and to what extent is there a need for further action?

Within the framework of "Zurich – Insights from the Outside", Zurich Urban Development takes on the external perception of the city of Zurich and reflects zurich's role from different perspectives and levels of action. Based on a qualitative study on the image of the city of Zurich, public events offer space for discussion, take up mood images and shed light on possible areas of tension. 

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